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Thought you might be interested in seeing Dr. Mary Jane Minkin’s new website www.madameovary.com Dr. Minkin is one of Red Hot Mamas medical experts. She is also clinical professor of Yale University School of Medicine. This site is educational, fun ...

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Red Hot Mamas Advisory Board Memebers at NAMS

The past two days ~1,300 doctors have been in meetings and panel sessions to hear more about focused medical and scientific menopausal topics. Red Hot Mamas® advisory board members were actively engaged in many of these meetings, and had a ...

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GLAM is Back!


As many as 75 percent of women who have gone through menopause are living with vaginal dryness, a bothersome symptom that they feel is negatively affecting their quality of life.[1,2] Despite the high prevalence, only 25 percent of women with vaginal ...

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Our Advisory Board – Meet Our Experts

Red Hot Mamas North America Inc. recognizes that women are seeking up-to-date and medically sound healthcare information. Throughout the years, we have had the privilege of working with some of our nation’s leading women’s healthcare professionals. Many of our endeavors ...

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