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Human skin: A mirror for estrogen action

Contributed by Dr. Michael Goodman- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert The title of this blog is literally stolen from an Editorial on the subject by Dr. M. Julie Thornton of the U.K., as she opines on a research article by E. ...

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What You Eat & How Beliefs Impact Menopause Symptoms

Contributed by Dr. Michael Goodman, Red Hot Mamas® Medical Expert Clinical consequences of obesity(BMI> 30) include a much higher incidence of sleep apnea, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, auto-immune disease, and “oxidative stress.” Increased oxidative stress leads to more illness, lower longevity.     ...

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Pearls on Menopausal Health & Comfort

Contributed by Dr. Michael Goodman, Red Hot Mamas® Medical Expert Dr. Goodman’s October article is in the form of easily digestible ‘pearls’ of wisdom including tidbits of knowledge to help guide you towards better breast health, less depression and illness, ...

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