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Contributed by Dr. Barb DePree- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert Between my menopause care practice and my website (MiddlesexMD.com), I talk to a lot of women who are experiencing the physical changes of menopause. One email I received a few weeks ...

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We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new, educational resource on vulvovaginal atrophy- www.yourvzone.com! Filled with invaluable information on the health topic, along with symptoms, risks, treatment options and resources.

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Surprised by Dryness

Contributed by Dr. Barb DePree- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert  Recently, MiddlesexMD conducted a short survey in partnership with Prevaleaf, a maker of natural intimate care products for women, to find out a few things about vaginal dryness, how women ...

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Speaking Up About Our V-Zone


Okay, Ladies! Let’s talk shop about our V-zone. Doesn’t it seem that the older we get, the more issues we have down there? And, I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but it may be due to menopause-related ...

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September 4th Vibrance Event at Grape Finale

Dedicated to Improving Women’s Health, Red Hot Mamas® is holding several Vibrance events in September! The first of these September Vibrance events is September 4th at Grape Finale in Flemington, NJ. Please RSVP to secure your seat at this Free event: rsvp2@redhotmamas.org ...

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