The Dreaded Fitness Routine

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 11, 2012

Menopause Exercise

I’m just not a fan of merciless workout routines. For me, winning the war on weight loss has been an uphill battle. I also have to admit that I just lack the motivation necessary to adhere to an exercise routine. Unfortunately, staying fit is so important and it has a lot of lifesaving effects on our health. To find motivation, I must continually remind myself to make it a priority, not just a chore.

I try to find things I like to do – a dance class, a walk through the woods with my dog, enjoying a good book while riding an exercise bike. These activities are enjoyable keep me moving. We all know that exercise helps with weight management and that it has a positive psychological benefit when it raises those endorphin levels which help ward off depression. Exercise may even help decrease the risk of developing diseases that are associated with aging (osteoporosis and heart disease) and it has also show to have an effect in retaining memory.

Studies have shown cognitive function can improve with merely 20 to 60 minutes of exercise by increasing blood flow to the brain and stimulating nerve cells to release more neurotransmitters (signals that connect brain cells). As long as you don’t overdo your workout, the positive effects of exercise on the brain will be maintained for a short time after the exercise session.

Red Hot Mamas 5 No-Nonsense Ways To Include Fitness Into Your Life:

So we all know how important exercise is to both our mind and body, but the fact of the matter is, most of us are so busy we are only able to fit workouts in between other activities. When we go to the gym, we usually find ourselves following the same dreaded fitness routine that often times becomes subconscious. These habitual routines of the same cardio/free weight/ab exercises can become ineffective and stale really quickly. So what’s the secret to pack the most punch out of your gym visits? Keep it fresh and try something (anything) new:

  1. Take a new class. Haven’t you always wanted to try that hip-hop dance class, kickboxing, karate or belly-dance class before?
  2. Change up the cardio. If you’re the type to run long distances at a moderate speed, add some spring/fast-walk intervals every other time.
  3. Workout with a friend. You’ll be more motivated and work harder.
  4. Change the scenery or music. Go somewhere else and bring some new audio entertainment with you.
  5. Buy a pedometer and increase your distance walking each week.

Pack exercise into your life by trying to incorporate exercise into your daily life:

  1. Keep your legs working and in shape by walking up the stairs instead of taking the escalator or elevator.
  2. Going shopping? Well, find the furthest parking spot and walk energetically to the store.
  3. Make exercise a priority and do it first thing in the morning and/or after dinner. Just devote time to do it each day.
  4. When you’re sitting at your desk, get up and stretch and do some squats.
  5. Get out and do some gardening, yard work, or something fun like dancing to your favorite music.


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