‘Tips to Combat Hot Flashes’ on Good Morning America!

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 9, 2006

The well-known “hot flash” or “power surge” is one of the most common annoyances of menopause. Scientists have not exactly figured out the biology behind the symptoms of a hot flash yet.

ABC News recently turned to the Red Hot Mamas for some tips to combat the hot flashes and ways to get through this ‘Change of Life’. The founder and president of Red Hot Mamas, Karen Giblin appeared on Good Morning America in the heat of the summer on August 15th to share her advice.

When a hot flash comes on, women suddenly experience a warming sensation. Sometimes heart palpitations and chills accompany the hot flash. Women then start to swelter and their very own private summer begins (hot flashes)… day and, oftentimes at night.

During her interview with ABC News recently, Karen offered valuable information about the strategies and products women use to relieve hot flashes in order to make midlife the best time of their lives. Karen recommended the following techniques:

  • Keep a hot flash diary so you can look back and learn about what might be responsible for trigger those hot flashes. For instance, what you ate prior to the hot flash, what you were wearing; how your were feeling, all play a part in frequency and intensity of hot flashes.
  • Wear layers of clothing so you can easily peel them off in a “hot flash emergency”.
  • Avoid spicy foods, caffeine, alcohol and smoking. These can all intensify the hot flash.
  • Many women commonly use Black Cohosh for relief. They claim that it reduces their hot flashes and improves other symptoms as well.
  • Phytoestrogens and soy products are also options for reducing the frequency and intensity of hot flashes.
  • Certain sleepwear, special pillows and pillowcases can help your nighttime hot flashes.
  • There are a few types of body washes and lotions that can give you relief
  • Prepare “hot flash-friendly” meals

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