'Tis Better To Receive?

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 23, 2010

Christmas is only a few days away and while I’m certain you have already chosen the perfect gift for everyone on your list, you will inevitably receive one of those gifts that make you say, “huh?” While I always have an appreciation for any present, there are always some that are a little off; the ones that make you think, “Someone actually thought of me when they saw this in a store.” I’m talking about those gifts like the ugly Christmas sweater, the joke lump of coal and hand me down socks (yes, my cousin actually gifted them to me out of her own sock drawer, claiming they were the warmest socks she could ever find). Words escape me. This year, good intentions aside, I’m hoping she won’t dig into her warm underwear drawer to find me a gift.

According to a recent Consumer Reports survey, about 30% of employed adults claim the worst gifts come from bosses, followed by colleagues. My old boss used to give me those fancy, colorful paperclips and new pens for Christmas. I never knew if it was a joke or not. Random family members are next on the list for worst gift givers, followed by grandparents and grandchildren.

The holidays can be a very scary time of year. At times, I fear the worst: fruitcakes. Every time the doorbell rings, I shiver and think “Is this it? Is it here?” Fear the fruitcake no more, people! The Great Fruitcake Recycling Project is rescuing our society from the senseless holiday tradition one fruitcake at a time. Send them to Denver and they’ll take care of it for you. While you’re waiting, play games on their website such as “Fruitcake Shooting Gallery” or “Fruitcake Slots”. According to the organization, “Fruitcake is the holiday season’s most damaging product”.

This year, I’ve been working hard to be really nice. I’m hoping I won’t end up on the naughty list this holiday and be unfortunate enough to receive any of these terrible gifts. In 2011, I resolve to have a more positive attitude and not linger on the negative, so I had to get that last gift-giving rant out. If you have yet to procure a gift for a loved one, or if you’re looking to give yourself a gift for the holidays, try giving the gift of health; maybe a massage, a yoga gift certificate, a facial. Blow off some steam and let go of 2010! Give something meaningful to yourself or a loved one and focus on the positive, explore and relax. Need some tips to help you kick off 2011 with a bang? Join the Red Hot Mamas in Costa Rica for a retreat-style vacation, Living Life to the Fullest in Menopause.

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