You Don't Let Menopause Slow You Down. Why, Then, Would You Let it Wake You Up?

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 26, 2010

We all know that there’s no substitute for a good night’s sleep. Thankfully, for those who suffer from night sweats and hot flashes, there’s now a new way to help you stay dry and comfortable throughout the night. It’s called DermaTherapy® Bedding for Menopause.

Who knew comfortable relief could be so easy to find? The product of rigorous testing and clinical trials, these revolutionary silk-like, comfortable sheets are actually proven to provide a sleeping surface that can alleviate the irritating symptoms of night sweats and hot flashes.

In the clinical trials involving menopausal women, participants were asked to rate their sleep after they began using DermaTherapy® sheets and pillowcases. The results were significant; 52% reported improvement in overall sleep quality, 53% reported a reduction in the amount of time it took them to fall asleep, and 31% showed a decrease in sleep disturbances during the night. In addition, the participants reported a dramatic 45% decrease in the incidences of feeling sleepy, losing concentration or lack of enthusiasm during the day due to fatigue caused by poor sleep at night.

Now is a great time to experience this breakthrough in bedding for yourself and don’t forget your friends and family during this holiday season. To purchase, or learn more about regaining a restful night’s sleep, simply visit:

DermaTherapy® Bedding for Menopause is sold through under the Cool Sensations™ brand.