5 Beauty Essentials to Get the Best Sun-Kissed Skin in Summer

By: Guest Author

Published: July 14, 2020

Written by Jessica Smith- Guest Contributor

Rosy tint or barely-there makeup, blonde tresses or Haute curls, summers can never be boring. To survive the summer months and blistering heat, you need water bottles to keep you hydrated, summer-ready chic dresses, and beauty essentials that make you stay in the city. So, if you need that golden glow and radiance in the sweltering temp, here are the beauty buys for sun kissed skin.

Lighting Bronzer

The most difficult look to create is the natural one. In common parlance, it is often called “no-makeup look”. Give up the overly contoured facial features with subtle hints of a sun kissed blush. Stay away from wearing thick foundation, dark eyeliners, and false eyelashes when lounging by the pool. Hang out by the seaside with a light dab of blush and a swipe of bronzer to bring out the radiance in your complexion. You can play up with color palettes in the evening, but try to exercise some restraint in summers. The sheer, airy formula of a bronzer will be a soft sweep for a healthy-looking radiant finish.

Pointer: When you are choosing a bronzer off-the-shelf or online, go for a shade that is one to two shades darker than your skin tone. Then take a wide brush and apply the bronze pigment to your cheeks and forehead, keeping in mind your face shape-dust over your chin, jawline, neck, and nose for a finishing touch.   


Summer means the Sun Protection Factor (SPF). This sun protective measure comes in many forms – gels, lotions, creams, sprays, pastes, sticks, oils, butter. It is always essential to read the label before using a sunscreen product. Avoid applying spray sunscreens directly on your face. Sunscreens come in a wide range of SPFs. Always choose a Broad-spectrum sunscreen as it protects against UVA and UVB. It is a safe idea to use broad-spectrum sunscreens with SPF of 15 or higher. Keep reapplying sunscreens every two hours, if you are constantly sweating.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulates sunscreens ensuring they meet the standards of safety and effectiveness. According to the new policy guidelines on sunscreen safety, mineral sunscreens (also called physical sunscreens) with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide are recognized as safe. So, when making a list of summer beauty essentials, make it a point to shop for mineral sunscreens.

Pointer: Ouch! Did your sunscreen stain your clothes? Put your light-colored garments in a bucket containing warm water and apply baking soda to the stains. Then apply alcohol vinegar to the stained spots and leave it for a couple of hours. Put the garment in a washing machine and add Vanish detergent or a bit of baking soda; in no time, you will find the pesky stains vanish. For dark-colored clothing, dab the stains with rubbing alcohol, and after a half-hour gap, wash it normally.   

Tanning Lotions

 The very thought of the skin-damaging sun is enough to dampen one’s spirits. Self-tanning lotions creams, sprays, and wipes help you get back your summer glow the safe way. The bronze from a bottle! Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is the good news – the active ingredient in self-tanners has been allowed by the FDA for external applications. Avid shoppers need not queue up at a local drugstore or salon to purchase a tanning lotion.

Bear in mind that self-tanners are not meant for protection from sun damage or sunburn as they do not contain sunscreen ingredients. That is why apply a sunscreen with broad-spectrum SPF 30 before stepping out in the brutal heat.  

Pointer: To prevent your self-tan from fading away, use an oil-free exfoliator. Always apply the self-tanner in a cool and dry area for a no-perspiration experience.

Luminizing Gel

To get ultra-radiant skin, a gel is the beauty product to count on when summers are staring at you. Go ahead and use a dewy face gel under your foundation all over the face and neck. Gels work wonders for those who find creamy moisturizers heavy for their skin. Certified dermatologists recommend facing gels as they are lightweight and easy to settle on the skin with no traces of thick or greasy residue.

Plus, your skin will get protected from harmful environmental elements like climate and humidity. So, if you want to look hydrated and healthy without any unwanted sheen, then a gel is your go-to!          

Pointer: Tap the face gel in a C shape around the sides of the eyes. It enriches bone structure and looks at a dewy complexion.      

Custom Enhancer Drops

Pour just a few drops of customer enhancer in your liquid cosmetics, and you are closer to getting a glittering and shimmering look. Mix the custom enhancer with a primer, foundation or moisturizer, apply below cheekbones, under the chin, and on the forehead sides to get an all-over glow. You can also blend it with a concealer to get a contoured bronzed look. Add a camera-ready finish to your skin by picking shades of subtle look too deep luminosity. Sunkissed impression works wonders!

Pointer: Custom enhancer drops are best used under powder products. Use a setting powder and put custom enhancer drops on it for the best result.

Now that we are in the thick of warmer months, shop these beauty essentials to earn sun-kissed compliments.  


Jessica Smith has been writing articles for e-business and other sites for more than 4 years.  Her educational background is Masters in English and Journalism which gives her a broad platform to write on a variety of topics with ease and efficiency.  She is an independent writer and especially enjoys writing on fashion, lifestyle, health and medical topics.    

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