9 Key Signals Of Balding You Must Know Before It’s Too Late

By: Guest Author

Published: January 17, 2017

In the United States alone, 21 million women are suffering from hair loss, which is alarming as this number represents 37.5% of all hair loss sufferers.

Are you one of them?

Finding out certain key signals of the first stages of hair loss enables you to take action immediately.

And if not?

The damage may be irreparable.

That’s why we’ve listed down these simple hints of alopecia (medical term for hair loss) so you are well informed.


Do you happen to notice an increase in the number of people commenting on your hair? Are the comments about you having thinner hair? Sometimes, we don’t see the small gradual changes in our appearances but others do, especially when you meet your older friends.

Parents who are balding

Hair loss due to genes is the most common form that most sufferers face. If you take a good look at your parents and they don’t have a full head of hair, the chances are higher that you may face the same scenario in the future.

Hair accumulated in specific areas

Hair tends to accumulate in certain areas. Your shoulders, pillows, shower drains, etc. Be more concerned when you notice an increase in the number of shed hairs.

M shape

Receding hairlines in males end up in the ‘M’ shape. If your partner is experiencing this, then just gently nudge him to do something about it.

Thinning all around

For females, they don’t experience the conditions as males. For hereditary hair loss, there is an all around thinning on the scalp.

Scalp being visible

Once you see this, your situation is serious. It would mean that you’ve lost a considerable amount of hair that parts of your scalp are showing. This is definitely a telltale sign that you should do something about it.

Hair falls easily

Hair is supposed to be strongly rooted to the scalp. When hair drops easily, it means that your hair is starting to thin and thus, easier to be pulled out.

Past pictures

What better way to look at your old self than to look at old pictures? Browse through your Facebook photos. Are there any huge differences in the way your hair looks?

Harder to style

Losing hair from specific parts of your scalp makes it far more difficult to style as you may try to conceal the balding areas but lack the volume.

So, there you have it. These signs are an indication and serve as a warning for you to take action. You need to find out more about your condition by first visiting a doctor. After that, you would be more equipped as to what action to take next.

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Eileen Moore is a representative for HairVerve.Com. The website provides comprehensive and in-depth information on alopecia (hair loss) including the causes, tips and reviews of the best solutions to combat losing hair.


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