Ask the Experts- August 2017

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 9, 2017

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

This is embarrassing for me to ask, but I will do it anyway.  Here it goes, I have had hemorrhoids since my last child was born.  And, she is now age 30!  They are not a problem all the time, but when they flare up, wow, what pain I have.  Any suggestions to help with the pain and itching?

Thank you for listening to me.


Dear Judith,

Hemorrhoids are very common and many women seem to be embarrassed to admit they have them.  So, it’s good that you have opened up and are seeking help. It’s important for you to talk to your doctor about this problem.  There are some prevention strategies you might undertake which include:

  • Don’t strain.  If you have been sitting on the toilet for more than five minutes, that’s probably too long.  Straining is one of the primary causes of hemorrhoids.
  • Focus on fiber to soften your stool.  Fiber soaks up liquid in your intestinal tract and creates bulkier stools that make it easier to transport out of your body.
  • Exercise regularly.  30 minutes a day will help keep blood flowing and help with constipation.
  • Drink fluids about 6-8 glasses of water each day.
  • Plan your bathroom time and get on a set schedule.
  • Eat lots of berries which have extra fiber and will help with constipation.
  • Use moist towelettes, instead of dry toilet paper.
  • Try a sitz bath and stay in water about 20 minutes.
  • Use over-the counter hemorrhoid cream or pads to decrease inflammation and reduce pain.
  • Sit on a doughnut (a rubber circle) which keeps pressure off your bottom.

And, in closing talk to your doctor about the newest treatments to treat hemorrhoids.