Ask the Experts- April 2022

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: April 13, 2022

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

My hot flashes spontaneously occur with no warning. I am unsure what could be triggering them. Please explain what triggers may set them off. Thank you. I love your website and newsletter. I am certainly a real 50-year-old red hot mama.


Dear Janice,

Thank you for writing to us with your great question. Once you can determine a relationship between your hot flashes and the things that are associated with them, you can try to avoid certain triggers.

Some common triggers are:

  • Stress/Anxiety – Try to reduce your stress levels. That might mean that you have to say no to extra demands placed on you.
  • Hot foods and drinks – You may have to alter your dietary habits if you notice spicy foods, hot foods, hot beverages are triggering your hot flashes.
  • Alcohol – Alcohol may cause vasodilation in the face ad neck that can trigger hot flashes. So you may have to reduce the amount of alcohol you are drinking.
  • Environment issues- An environment that is too warm can trigger a hot flash. So, keep your rooms cool.

Learning your triggers can help you find relief.

Talk to your healthcare provider about additional relief from hot flashes.