Ask the Experts- June 2019

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 12, 2019

Dear Red Hot Mamas:

Since hitting menopause the most significant symptom that has ailed me is back pain. Can you provide information as to what can help? Thanks for being there for me always through your educational efforts.


Dear Robin:

Thank you for writing to Red Hot Mamas. Back pain is quite common and is the cause of many women to go to their doctors.

Here are some ways which may help:

Massage, especially deep tissue massage may help to break up knots known as adhesions. There may be some discomfort during an intense massage, so speak to your massage therapist before having a massage.

Heat wrap therapy may help. Try using a heating pad or a press on heating pad from the drug store. Moist heat seems to work better than dry heat.

Exercise – Exercise can reduce pain and improve physical function. The best type of exercise is one that incorporates stretching and strengthening. Pilates or barre exercises are good options. And, lift weights properly.

Ensure that your seating is right. The best chair for back pain will not let you slouch. When you slouch, your shoulders and head move forward in an unnatural position which puts strain on your spine and neck causing stress on your lower back.

You can also speak to your doctor/healthcare professional about whether medications such as muscle relaxants, pain medications or even surgery is necessary for you.

Oftentimes, the winning formula to get rid of back pain incorporates different strategies, but exercise is a must.