Ask the Experts- September 2015

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 11, 2015

Dear Red Hot Mamas,


Can you please provide me with some tips to help me fall asleep?  Since menopause,  I’m having a difficult time getting a good nights sleep.  I hope you can help me.


Thank you,


Dear Samantha,

Poor sleep can affect your health and it’s good that you are looking for solutions.  Here are some ways which might help:

  • Maintain a sleep schedule and stick to it. Try to go to bed the same time every night and wake up the same time each morning.
  • Cool down your bedroom.  When you reduce your body temperature your brain is able to release the sleep hormone “melatonin”.
  • Invest in room darkening window shades it your windows are letting in too much light.  You might also want to wear an eye mask.
  • Don’t watch TV or stay on your computer in your bedroom.  It’s far too stimulating.
  • If you find you are jumping around like a Mexican jumping bean and haven’t fallen asleep in 15 minutes, get up and move to another room.  Then do something like reading a good book or poetry.
  • Listen to a calming CD of lullabies, or white noise.  There are inexpensive white noise machines available.
  • Spray lavender scent on your pillows and sheets.
  • Remember that exercise can be beneficial.  It helps reduce insomnia.  However, you should not exercise in the evening.  Work out about 5 or 5 hours before going to bed.
  • If necessary, talk to a therapist. A therapies may be able to teach you techniques to overcome insomnia.
  • Watch your consumption of alcohol.  It may help you fall asleep, but you will find yourself waking up a few hours thereafter and then will be unable to go to sleep again.

Talk to your doctor if these strategies just don’t work for you.


Thank you again for writing to Red Hot Mamas.
RHM’s Experts