Can You Get Rid of Unwanted Hair Permanently?

By: Guest Author

Published: September 13, 2018

Contributed by Md Badol Hossen- Guest Contributor

Don’t you ever think that you don’t have to get rid of your hair on a daily basis and you have removed them permanently?

Yes, obviously most of the people think this in his or her lifetime. But true to say that there is only a few way which will damage the hair producing process permanently.

We have enlisted these methods in this article in a nutshell and have presented to you.

Let’s know about them and grab the decision!!!!

Laser hair removal


It is a process of destroying the growth of hair from the center. Most of the areas of your body can be treated by this process. This is the only process that has been approved by FDA and American Medical Association as a permanent method for hair removing.

After going through a series of treatments, you can be assured that the hair has been forever.

Ask around and find a professional and try to know his qualifications. Then take consultation so that you don’t have to go through the unnecessary process.

Laser hair removal:

The process of exposing laser light into your unwanted hair to make them destroy from the origin means hair follicles. It has become so common in the USA. It has been approved by FDA.

And it is the permanent way which won’t make you feel discomfort or hurt you. So you can choose this process for removing hair permanently. Moreover, the laser will be prepared according to your skin tone.

Almost three to seven-session is needed for permanent hair removal. You will have to go through the process until the hair stops growing.

Intense pulse light:

This process is a computerized process as well as the high-powered process which is used for various skin treatment including hair removal treatment.

A non-coherent light in a certain wavelength is used for this process. Locating the highest range of melanin in the skin the light is operated and destroy the hair producing process.

This process doesn’t hurt but you can feel a little discomfort for a while which can be negotiable.

You have to consult with a professional as for every skin tone and types aren’t suitable for this process. But it is safe and has minimal side effects.

Diode laser remover:

Diodes and semiconductors are used in this method which makes difference from laser removal system. This process is popular with men. Back and chest hair can be easily removed by this method. This method works better on darker skin.

Mainly 800 – 810 nm wavelengths have been maintained in the diode laser. But you can change according to your needs.

One of the main advantages of this process is that you can use it for large areas as well as it recovers fast.

Burning and skin color problem can appear in this method.


As we have introduced you to the process but you have to be sure at first which will suit you.

For this, you have to go to a consultant and through a professional, you have to choose the right way to remove the unwanted hair permanently.

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