Dear Red Hot Mamas- October 2020 “Nothing in Life to Be Feared”

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 7, 2020

“To conquer fear is the beginning of wisdom”…

– Bertrand Russell

Boo! I bet I scared you. Yes, it’s Halloween and that invokes fear in many individuals. Halloween with its Pagan roots, brings frightening ideas out in the open, like sinister figures like ghosts and goblins. As a child, my fears of monsters were the cause of many of my nightmares.

Today, I recognize the importance of learning about the things which I fear. And, if I develop an understanding of what I’m afraid of, it truly helps toward erasing that fear.

Now, you might be wondering why I bring up fear and how do I equate this with menopause, so I will explain my rationale.

Since 1991, I’ve spoken to thousands of women who have told me they absolutely fear menopause. They hold so many negative misconceptions about this normal event that happens in every woman’s life. For years, they may have heard many negative stories from family members and friends which oftentimes were influenced by menopausal myths. I don’t know about you, but I was even told of my Aunt Rose going crazy at menopause. And that she was consumed with very irrational behavior during those years. Well, that certainly led me to fear my very own menopause when it arrived.

You, too, may have heard all those scary stories. The truth is, that if you understand the facts about menopause and the hormonal changes that occur resulting in symptoms, you will be better equipped to learn ways how to deal with the symptoms that may occur and be less fearful of menopause.

However, I was able to break that perception I held of menopause by quickly educating myself about the facts about menopause as to what to expect when it arrived and how to manage its course.

I learned a lot about fear when I first started school. My parents enrolled me in a Catholic School in Baltimore. My personal fear evolved whenever I would look at Sister Dolores who always had such a stern look on her face. And, yes, her garb of wearing a black robe frightened me very much at the young age of six. This Catholic nun, however, depicted fear in my eyes. She was wise enough to tell me “beware of fear” as it can stop you from learning and doing exciting things in class and in life. To this day, I think of her and now I understand how fear, if I allowed it to, could overtake my life and cloud my perceptions. So, lesson learned, from Sister Dolores, it’s important to beware of fear and to not let it control my life.

So I offer the following suggestions to turn your fear into growth at menopause:

Look at your fear of menopause, challenge it, take ownership of it, and do something about it.

It’s important to view menopause not as an end, but as a beginning. It’s a mere turning point in your life. Keep it in proper perspective. You have another 30 years after menopause to look forward to! These are your prime years that may be rich with wonderful opportunities which certainly can enrich your life.

Ensure your good health by taking action. Perhaps you need to modify your lifestyle, focus on disease prevention, give some thought to your diet, weight control and always exercise regularly.

Pay attention. Menopause is not a reason for your self-confidence to end. Become more self-confident by acquiring information about menopause, learning ways to manage your symptoms, and working with your health care provider to find solutions for your concerns. Remember, you are an exceptionally powerful being. Practicing a positive outlook about your personal worth, and all you have to offer, should provide you fulfillment and help your self-confidence to grow. Red Hot Mamas is there to lend support, log onto our website to educate yourself about menopause and to join other women who share the common experience of menopause. There are also therapists available to help you in any way.

In closing, fear can be as much as an ally, as it can be an enemy. So, boo! Don’t let menopause frighten you.

Good Health to You All,

Karen Giblin