By: Guest Author

Published: September 7, 2016

Contributed by Haralee Weintraub- Guest Contributor

Since I run a company designed (pun intended) to help women with night sweats often caused by menopause I am very intimate with this subject matter.

Someone asks what I do for a living and if they seem interested, they get the full explanation. I have been known to talk way too much about menopause and it’s side effects to strangers at parties that I can see their eyes roll up into their heads or see them desperately try to extricate themselves from my presence. I don’t take offense.

What always intrigues me is when I meet a woman fanning herself in the 40-55 year old age range, and she tells me she has no need for my sleepwear. I am an ambassador for my company so I really try to be diplomatic. I might start out with:

I notice you are fanning yourself and it really is not hot in here.”

“You mentioned to me you suffer from insomnia.”

“You said you are getting very forgetful.”

“Sounds like you have signs of being peri-menopausal.”

Sometimes I am met with an ongoing conversation. Other times I am told that they “are not menopausal”! The tone is usually, “get away from me before I strangle you”!

Why? Why not entertain that this is a part of life and you are within the age group when it occurs and accept it?  When I question about the symptoms they experience I have been told it is due to stress, or fatigue, or their thyroid.  Maybe it is and maybe it is denial.

I have learned some women would rather have a disease than just be menopausal! I am trying to not be judgmental on this but menopause symptoms can be the same as some really scary diseases and menopause is the easier condition in comparison.

Denial is a very strong emotion. I think it is a partner to stubbornness. Some subscribe to the philosophy :  If I don’t admit it, it isn’t real. If I say I am not menopausal, then I am not menopausal!

It is tempting to go through life thinking we are the same age. We may feel like we are in our 20’s or 30’s but our bodies know the truth. Menopause happens!

Are you having some symptoms that could be peri-menopausal?

Were you on board right way or did menopause blind sight you?

Haralee Weintraub spent 25 years working for Fortune 500 and 100 companies in sales, marketing, training and management. In 2002, with her invasive breast cancer diagnosis, she looked closely at her career path. Haralee was familiar with wicking clothing from the gym, the tennis courts, the slopes and the trails. She could not find the same performance materials found in outdoor clothing for sleepwear. The same sweat equation whether from physical exercise or night sweats was the same; Sweat = Hot = Cold = Miserable. With an old sewing machine and bike short fabric she made her first prototype nightgown. It was heavy but it worked. She found more sleep friendly fabric and made another sample and brought it to her breast cancer support group. They went wild with enthusiasm. Two years after her initiation into the world of breast cancer, she started Sleepwear with her goal to make cool garments for hot women. As CEO, Haralee is involved in every aspect of the company, designing the styles, picking fabric colors, as well as the promoting and marketing of the line. She is devoted to help eradicate breast cancer and donates a portion of every sale to breast cancer research.

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