Listen to Your Mother Kid!

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 11, 2017

Contributed by Pam Rand RD, LDN, CDOE, RYT- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert

The matriarch is talking (expletive, expletive) and she is serious people, you can prevent type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and cancer eating whole food vegetables at all meals and snacks….BE the grazing farm animal and munch all day long on raw carrots, celery, romaine, kale, broccoli, cherry tomatoes, nuts and seeds.  Google recipes to make everything taste good and if you still don’t like your vegetables,  link here for vegetable dishes that ROCK

Vegetables in their REAL unprocessed form need to be eaten in abundance daily!  I mean actually chewed, slowly in your mouth, where digestion begins and only then will the powerful chemicals like isothiocyanates be released to circulate inside the body, obliterating  cancer cells and tamping down the inflammation that precedes disease!

If your tastebuds are stuck in adolescence and you need to become an experimenting teenager again; only this time it’s veggies, not drugs or alcohol you juvenile delinquent.


Vegetables have the fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that have been proven to reverse disease.  Even though it does matter what our mothers ate before and during pregnancy; we do have the ability to turn on and off our genes with the food we eat.  It’s called epigenetics and you can read about it below.    If you don’t read science, just scroll down to ‘the bottom line’ listing the nutrients and the foods that we need to EAT!

Cruciferous veggies…YUM

Hold on, my good friends and family;  don’t just zero in on the wine or garlic and think you’re all set…broccoli and other cruciferous vegetables contain isothiocyanates and that’s been shown to turn OFF cancer genes.

Beans, greens, nuts and seeds too.  To celebrate Cinco de Mayo, try sweet potato nachos  instead of processed corn chips.  Did you know that  80-90% of the food in a certain ‘whole foods store’ is processed with too much salt, fat and sugar?  BUY REAL Food my children to remain happy, healthy and whole and LIVE in EASE.

IT”S never too late to re-educate your tastebuds…get in the kitchen kids and cook something ‘

Slow and low’… high heat cooking produces chemicals that contribute to cancer cells.   We live in a TOXIC food environment and you can assess your diet and either go ‘all in’ and take out white sugar, white flour, added salt, red meat and alcohol or maybe it’s what you aren’t eating that needs to be added in…


woohoo…more food SONNY!  I ate my salad Mom

Don’t tell me ‘I could get killed crossing the street’ one more time or I’ll scream.  If you walk blindly in front of a moving vehicle, your risk of getting killed is high; but if you walk consciously on the sidewalks and obey the crossing lights, your chances of getting killed are pretty small…as Jerry Lee Lewis said; Think About It..

Here’s Ellie, my very healthy, happy, 87 year old mother-in-law…she eats fruits and vegetables in abundance, hangs out with her friends and works out with light weights and bands four times a week.

Eat your veggies!


 When you see Ellie walking briskly in Narragansett,RI you would think she was 60 years old.  She is also a ‘survivor’ and has recently started a ‘conscious breathing’ practice.  The food, activities and socialization is uplifting according to Ellie.   Keep it up Ellie…you make us kids proud!


Pam is the author of YoGuides, book and CD. YoGuides is a personal wellness tool for use at work, home and school using breathing, exercise and guided imagery techniques which require absolutely no previous yoga experience.

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