So Mr., How Can You Help Her Have Better Sex During And After Menopause?

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 9, 2016

Contributed by James Smith- Guest Contributor

For menopausal women, not only is getting aroused for some steamy penetrative action a challenge, but having penetrative action is a challenge itself. It bloody hurts – pun intended. Nonetheless, a number of them still want it. Well, who doesn’t?! And being the man in the relationship – who’s not undergoing as drastic changes as his female counterpart – it’s your responsibility to make sure that your lady love in menopause still get the best of sex… and the best of you. So here’s a guide for the men on how they can still have healthier sex lives with their wives during menopause.

Talk about it

Well, assuming that the two of you have been together since quite a bit of time, that shouldn’t be too hard, no? Step 1: if you want to keep your sex life up and about during and after menopause, talk to her about it and about the changes she’s experiencing! Don’t try to read her mind because that’s not going to get either of you anywhere. Talk to her about her menopause. Talk to her about her health and maybe what she should be eating. Talk to her about how her menopause is changing her body and affecting her sexual desires. That way, you’ll understand her better, and she’ll realize that you do care and you do love her. Just one thing; do more talking and less dishing out advice; the latter just might not end that well, you know (lol)!

Make her feel beautiful

The one thing that women dealing with menopause expect from their husbands is to ‘stop being such a dick!’ Instead of picking on how moody she’s become and how she’s avoiding you in bed,  just sit back for a moment and understand that her body is going through some major changes and those changes take a toll on everything that surround her. The fact that she’s shedding off a big part of her sexuality with menopause, coupled with an aging body and the ‘distinct’ menopausal body odor, it’s more than likely that her self-esteem is going to hit rock bottom. That combined with a drop in libido is also going to affect her willingness to be ready for some sexual activity with you in bed. If you want to maintain a healthy sex life, you need to help her get out of these symptoms and boost her confidence so that she feels better about herself and her sexuality. That way, the two of you can have more fun in bed. Be cheesy, tell her that no matter what the world says, she’s still young & beautiful! 

Maybe it’s time to experiment

Maybe it is! Alright, the dryness down there and the thinning of her vaginal walls makes having sex rather uncomfortable and painful. Not surprising that she doesn’t want you between her legs anymore!  This is probably the best time for the two of you to explore newer ways of experiencing sexual intimacy. Try extending foreplay by indulging in a lot more kissing and cuddling as opposed to jumping straight into penetrative sex. Or delve into the untapped world of sexual enhancement products such as dildos and lubes. Or maybe grab some cute wearables from an online boutique and roleplay a date night before jumping into the backseat to relive a teenage dream. I’m pretty sure you’ve read Fifty Shades of Grey, but have you tried reading with her in bed? There’s only so much that you can do if only you stop thinking ‘holes and target practice!’ 

Keep a tab on your own sexual performance

As a male, you go through menopause as well, but it’s obviously a lot different than what your wife goes through – well, obviously! Nonetheless, there’s a very good chance that when your Mrs. Is on a sexual low, you too could be experiencing a drop in your desire to down to some dirty, sweaty business. As a side note, make sure that you’ve got your balls in the right court for some action before you go around complaining about how she’s the one who’s having issues. It’s very important for men in relationships to realize that their libidos and sexual performance have a profound impact on the performance of their partner. And if you don’t come to terms with this little fact, the two o you are probably looking at a very long dry spell for the foreseeable future. Now you wouldn’t want that, would you?

Keeping having sex 

That’s probably the most important bit of it! No matter what you, never stop having sex. That’s the only way the two of you are going to get past this dry and painful patch. Talk all you want, seek all the help you need from a counselor, improvise with your sexual activities, do whatever you do, but just don’t give up on some good old fashioned husband-wife sex. Think about it as much as you can to get aroused, schedule some time in your weekly routine for some penetrative sex, whatever you do… JUST DO IT!

James Smith is a passionate Health and Lifestyle blogger who loves to write about trending topics. He is a featured author at various fashion blogs.