How to Prevent Mosquito Bites

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: July 12, 2016

Contributed by Maggie Martin- Guest Contributor

Mosquito bites are no fun. They’re nasty, they itch and they have high risk of transmitting disease. In the past few years, there has been a lot of fuss over West Nile Virus, especially in the United States. It’s an extremely dangerous disease, lethal in some cases, and is more prevalent than ever before.

It’s impossible to completely eliminate being bitten by a mosquito- there are just too many of them. What you can do though is lower your chances of being bitten. With the recent scare over West Nile Virus and other mosquito-transmitted diseases, that’s a good thing. Below are five ways to lower your chances of being bitten.

Avoid Going Out in the Early Evening

Mosquitos are most active in the early evening. If you can help it, avoid going out at these times. If you must go out, then use the rest of the tips below to further protect yourself from those nasty little mosquitos.

Cover Your Skin

The most effective way of protecting yourself from mosquito bites is by covering as much of your skin as possible. Wear long sleeves and long pants when you go out at times when mosquitos are numerous. A hat is also a good idea.

Stay Clean

Mosquitos are attracted to sweat and body odor. By staying clean, you can dramatically reduce your likelihood of being bitten. In addition, avoid scented shampoos and soaps if possible. While inconclusive, studies have pointed towards floral scents as attractive to mosquitos.

Wear an Over the Counter Mosquito Repellent

The best method apart from covering your skin, of preventing mosquito bites is to wear a mosquito repellent. You can easily find one at your local pharmacy or grocery store. Though it’s fallen under the spotlight for potential health risks, DEET remains the only effective repellent against mosquitos, so make sure that the repellent you choose includes it. Reapply the DEET repellent every three hours.

Remove Standing Water

Mosquitos need standing water to breed. Make sure that you remove any from your yard and the area surrounding your house. It is also a good idea to completely air out your bathroom after use. Keep the door shut as well. Sometimes mosquitos get inside and they’ll want to be where the standing water is.

There is no surefire way to prevent mosquito bites yet. Scientists are hard at work coming up with one, but for now, we have to satisfy ourselves with the above preventative measures. Though they won’t absolutely protect you from bites, following them will make you and your loved ones a lot better off than before.

Maggie Martin is completing her PhD in Cell Biology, works as a lab tech for and contributes content on Biotech, Life Sciences, and Viral Outbreaks. Follow on Twitter@MaggieBiosource