Self Isolation- What Can We Learn From it?

By: Guest Author

Published: June 12, 2020

Written by Sarah Kaminski -Guest Contributor

The idea of self-isolation goes against a lot of that which makes us human.
As social beings, we humans thrive in a community, when exposed to novel experiences, when at peace with nature and our surroundings. So it’s only natural that being forced to stay inside and away from our friends makes us uneasy, frustrated, or downright depressed.
Experts say that the psychological effects of the Covid-19 pandemic are to be felt for years to come. Yet, none of them can predict the extent to which our individual and collective psyches are going to be affected.
Still, is it not possible to gain something from self-isolation? A good way to use this time? To learn something that will serve us in the years to come? There has to be.
So, if you’re struggling with the stay-at-home orders, are desperate to be more productive at home, or simply want to use these days as an opportunity for self-growth, then do read on.
Use this time to learn something about yourself
We’ve all lost something by having to remain quarantined for weeks or months. But how about we change our mindset from focusing on what we can’t do, and directing our attention to what we can instead?
Self-isolation can be a wonderful opportunity to practice self-awareness. After all, it did grant us some extra time. And we can choose to use that time quite productively.
One of the best things to dedicate ourselves to right now is self-awareness. We can decide to take up meditation, journaling, or practicing mindfulness. These small acts may help us get in touch with the deep wants and needs we might have neglected along the way.
Is there anything that we find important, yet don’t usually take the time or effort to pursue? A hobby? A self-care routine? A relationship that we haven’t nurtured in a way it deserves? If that’s the case, remember: there’s no time like the present.
Get to work, set up small, attainable goals, and work your way up towards your dreams. What better way to come out of self-isolation than knowing exactly who and where you want to be?
Prioritize your physical health
Leading a busy lifestyle makes way for lots of bad habits. Eating too much junk food, failing to exercise, or spending loads of time in front of a screen are all things that may put our immune system at risk.
But even a little bit of extra time on our hands (coupled with some willpower) can make a huge difference.
If one of your self-isolation to-dos includes taking better care of yourself, take a look at how you can implement the following practices in your routine:
●      Wholesome nutrition:
A healthy meal can taste just as good as a slice of cheesecake. If cooking is your forte, you can experiment with healthier alternatives to your favorite meals. Or, if you prefer not to spend your time in a kitchen, then perhaps you can try adopting a few healthy eating tips that’ll improve your quality of life.
●      Exercise:
When we think of exercise, many of us get an instant headache. But, it doesnʼt have to be so difficult. Or even boring for that matter.
If you feel like you could use a little bit more movement in your life, why not try one of these simple ways of staying active? If you’re feeling adventurous, you could even enroll in an online yoga or dance class, which is a great way to meet new people while simultaneously gaining a skill.
●     Sleep better:
If you’re one of those people who get the best sleep while they’re on holiday, you can try to recreate that feeling at home and get super well-rested during self-isolation.
Try to streamline your bedtime routine, train yourself to wake up naturally, or experiment with the lighting and temperature in your bedroom, and see what grants you the best results. Not only will you feel more rested, but you’ll actually boost your immune system as well.
Work towards spiritual wellbeing
For most people, turning towards something bigger than themselves is a natural way to cope with tough times. As self-isolation definitely comes with its hardships, it may not be a bad idea to focus on spirituality in this period of aloneness.
First of all, it’s not a bad thing to consider that spirituality – believing in something higher than the self – has its health benefits. Research shows that it could potentially lower the risk of chronic and autoimmune disease, as well as discourage unhealthy behaviors such as smoking and excessive drinking.
But how can you become more spiritual while at home?
Though it seems intimidating, it’s actually not that hard to do. Decide to be honest with yourself, explore your self and your purpose, find small (or big) ways to inject more meaning into your life. Whether that’s doing something for your community or turning your gaze inwards, you’re sure to find that this shift in focus can turn out to be a wonderful opportunity for growth and happiness.
Move at your own pace
Whether you see self-isolation as an imposed burden or an opportunity to focus on yourself, do allow yourself to take things slow. Try not to put too much pressure on yourself, and acknowledge the fact that rest is just as important as work.
Once you allow yourself to be at peace with the current situation, you’ll find that learning and growth opportunities will come much more easily. And you’ll enjoy them more as well.
Author Bio:
Sarah is a life enjoyer, positivity seeker, and a curiosity enthusiast. She is passionate about an eco-friendly lifestyle and adores her cats. She is an avid reader who loves to travel when time allows.

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