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RHM and HerDesire.net Dedicated to Women’s Health Education

Red Hot Mamas and HerDesire.net  are both dedicated to the education of women on important health issues present during menopause. HerDesire.net is a Continuing Medical Education-certified initiative committed to alleviating symptoms of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder (HSDD) through education about screening, diagnosis, treatment ...

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Sex, Hormones, and Menopause

Contributed by Dr. Murray Freedman Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert There is an underappreciated distinction that exists regarding sexual problems women experience, and menopause serves as a very pivotal event which separates the two most frequent scenarios healthcare providers encounter. ...

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Welcome Dr. Melanie Modjoros

Welcome Dr Melanie Modjoros

Karen Giblin, Founder of Red Hot Mamas® is pleased to welcome Dr. Melanie Modjoros! Having a new Ask the Experts doctor who’s focus is on sexual health is an announcement worth celebrating! Red Hot Mamas® is pleased to announce the ...

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Welcome Dr. Modjoros to Our Medical Advisory Board

Ask the Experts

Red Hot Mamas® is pleased to announce the newest member of our Advisory Board: Dr. MeLanie Modjoros Dr Modjoros is a graduate of Cornell University and completed her MD at University of Pittsburgh in 2005. She is board certified in ...

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Menopause and Your Sexual Health

Due to fluctuating hormones characterized by menopause, some women notice changes in libido (a higher or lower than usual sex drive). However, it is a common myth that all women experience a decreased sex drive and decline in sexual activity ...

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