What is the Connection Between Obesity and Lower Back Pain?

By: Guest Author

Published: July 15, 2019

Written by Dr. Brent Wells, D.C. -Guest Contributor

Obesity is quickly becoming a major health problem. While obesity can cause many issues, many might be surprised to learn that obesity can be a major source of lower back pain. In fact, in 2015, the American Journal of Epidemiology conducted a study that found that lower pain back can be caused by having a larger body mass index. Below you’ll find more information about the connection between obesity and lower back pain. You’ll also discover some ways you can help to relieve any lower back pain you might be having due to it.

What Causes Obesity? Lower Back Pain?

The main cause of obesity is when you overeat. In other words, your body is absorbing more calories than it knows what to do with. While obesity is mainly caused by lifestyle changes, it can also be due to genetics or metabolic issues.

Lower back pain is mainly due to spinal discs shifting. While it is normal to have back pain as you age, obesity puts extra force on these discs. Because of this, it can cause severe pain to the spine.

The Problems Obesity Can Bring

Besides lower back pain, obesity brings with it plenty of other problems.

❏    Type 2 diabetes

❏    Fatty liver disease

❏    Kidney disease

❏    Heart disease

❏    Strokes

❏    High blood pressure

If you’re not sure whether or not you might be obese, you can check a Body Mass Index (BMI) chart. The chart will tell you the right weight you should be based on things such as your height and age.

How it Affects the Lower Back

As mentioned above, obesity can cause spinal discs to slip. It can also create pressure on the bottom of the spine. This problem causes the body to form a large amount of weight around the waist and hips. The abnormal collection of weight in this area can also gather around the lower back causing pain.

To help conform to the current situation, the spine tries to tilt and adjust itself. This can also create a strange curvature in it. The abnormal spine curvature will not only cause pain, but could make it difficult for you to stand or walk.

Ways to Help Relieve Lower Back Pain

Thankfully, there are numerous ways you can eradicate lower back pain, especially if it’s caused by obesity.

See a Chiropractor

One of the best ways to help relieve lower back pain due to obesity is by using the services of a chiropractor. They can adjust your spine and body to help provide instant relief. The adjustments also work to help realign your spine to help stop future lower back pain. These adjustments also decrease pressure on your nervous system which results in reduced pain throughout your body.

Chiropractors can also help with increasing your mobility. By adjusting various body parts, you’ll be able to move them more freely. This can help with you exercising better and getting around effortlessly.

Exercise Daily

When many hear the word “exercise” they think of intense workouts with heavy weights and other powerful fitness equipment. While this can be helpful, even just a daily walk around the block can be beneficial for lower back pain. It can also help you to lose weight. Other simple exercises to consider are:

❏    Squats from a chair

❏    Static lunges

❏    Suitcase carries

❏    Water jogging

❏    Basic strength training

You can try these simple exercises yourself, or hire a trainer who can create a routine that fits your needs perfectly.

Try CBD Oil or Cream

CBD has become a miracle option for many different health problems. The oil or cream will absorb into your skin and block pain receptors. This can eventually help with reducing and eliminating lower back pain. It also works to stop inflammation, a common problem obesity causes in the body. However, for most CBD products, you need to have a doctor’s approval.

Watch Your Posture

Lower back pain is often caused by incorrect posture. Obesity can create a curvature in the spine resulting in it shifting to awkward positions.

While it might be hard at first, it’s important to correct your posture. This can help to prevent extra pressure on the spine. To properly sit or walk, keep your spine straight while pushing your shoulders slightly back. If this is difficult, you can invest in a posture chair or pillow to help you out.

A brace can also help you with any lower back problems. You can wrap it around your abdomen and lower back which will help to provide it with support. A brace can also help with reducing strain which can prevent future back pain.

Get a Massage

A massage can also help to release tension from the lower back. Massage therapists can work to relieve pressure around the spine. This helps to soothe the area and work to remove muscle knots and inflammation.

Besides this, massages can also help with circulation. This works to bring much-needed nutrients to the bones and tissues to encourage them to stay healthy.

There are various types of massages you can try out to help with lower back pain, but there are two to really consider trying if your problem is caused by obesity:

❏    QL muscle massage – helps with pelvic stability.

❏    Neuromuscular massage – works to release friction in the spine and heal certain trigger points.

If you prefer to do a massage yourself, you can take your hands and make soft circular motions on your lower back. You’ll want to continue this for a few minutes to help release tension. You can also invest in a back massager which can do deeper strokes than you can do by hand.

Ice it Down

If you need to find quick relief, ice can help to soothe inflammation. This cold therapy works to numb the area. Because of this, it can also prevent severe pain in the future.

Obesity has become a common problem in today’s world. It not only can make you feel sick and lethargic, but can cause many other problems, like intense lower back pain. While it can be difficult to fully get rid of this problem, there are various methods you can try to help relieve it, such as the ones mentioned in this article.

About Dr. Brent Wells, D.C.

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