Blue Thong Society

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 16, 2013

Everyone knows how Red Hot Mamas make friends everywhere, right? Well, our newest friends are a group of like-minded women who insist their age doesn’t define them – their actions do.

They’re dedicated to fighting frump while giving to local communities. Sounds fun! Once upon a time, a generation of women was told they could have it all. And, they went for it. So these Baby Boomers (and the women who followed them) blazed new trails, broke the mold, built businesses and careers, raised families – and the bar. So what about the next chapter? A community of great, empowered, women in chapters across the country who are reconnecting with girlfriends, making new friends, giving back to their communities and “fighting frump.”

When Mary Jo Wallo, a San Diego businesswoman, turned 50 in 2005, a friend noted that it could be time for the gift of a red hat. Cohorts (and soon, co-founders) Jackie Tushinsky, Kelly Golden, and Mary Ellen Wiegand disagreed: a blue thong was more her style. Thus, a movement was born.

Blue Thong Society is about attitude: sassy, strong, fabulous and fun. It’s also about giving back, because part of having it all is gratitude. Each chapter has an adopted charity that it supports, giving time and giving back to the local community. The Blue Thong Society Project Foundation has also been formed to further support worthy women’s causes in communities across the country. And, it’s not all work. Being fabulous forever requires a sizable helping of fun. Social activities, trips and outings are always times to laugh, build friendships and include a toast with the organization’s signature drink, the Blue Thong Martini.

Join us as we team up with the Blue Thong Society to fight frump and fine tune the art of being hip, chic and fabulous forever!