Menopause Minute

Dear Red Hot Mamas – October 2014

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 14, 2014

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.” – Jim Rohn

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

In October we recognize menopause world-wide. World Menopause Day is October 18th. Menopause is a natural phase of every woman’s life. It is not a disease, but merely is the cessation of a woman’s monthly menstrual period and fertility.

The average age of menopause is 51.4 years old, give or take 5 years. Women may begin experiencing hormonal fluctuations which bring about a whirlwind of physical and emotional transformations before menopause actually occurs.
There are some ways that you can make the journey easier.

First, recognize that menopause is a natural event that may bring on challenges due to hormonal upheavals, just like puberty was.  The good news is that you made it through puberty, so you surely can handle menopause as well –especially if you are armed with necessary information. Remember, it’s a time of change not just with your body, but also, oftentimes, with your life as well. It’s important for women to seek guidance from their trusted health care provider.

Secondly, stop fearing menopause.  Many of our fears are based upon the misconceptions that we’ve heard about menopause. These misconceptions have sometimes been magnified and have been the cause of our distorted views about menopause.  One of the challenges facing women today is to change these misconceptions that associate menopause with old age and loss of sexuality.

Start viewing menopause as a positive natural event.
Women today are changing the negative images of menopause and are dispelling those myths and misconceptions as they have become more active participants in their menopausal health care management.

Red Hot Mamas® offers the following suggestions:

View menopause as a normal transition, merely a turning point in your life.
You have half of your adult life yet to live, and you can live it well if you remain healthy, taking necessary lifestyle measures.  Just what does that mean?
It means assessing your physical health and taking actions in pursuit of healthy behaviors such as incorporating a healthy diet, including physical exercise into your daily life, and paying attention to your weight and preventing weight gain.

There is no reason you cannot live a long and wonderful life at menopause and beyond!

As a proud member of the International Menopause Society (IMS), I would like to bring to your attention that this organization is launching a campaign entitled “Prevention of Diseases after Menopause”.  This is in association with World Menopause Day, which is celebrated on October 18, 2014. Their key messages associated with prevention of diseases after menopause include the following information:

  • Women spend around 1/3 of their lives after menopause
  • Many chronic diseases strike within 10 years of menopause
  • The menopause is an opportunity for women to review their health and make changes which will ensure a healthier life
  • Women should consider which medical aids are useful for them (e.g. screening, pharmaceuticals)

International Menopause Society (IMS) tips for a healthy menopause include:

  1. Maintain a regular exercise routine
  2. Restrain intake of caffeine, sugar, salt and alcohol
  3. Do not smoke
  4. Eat foods containing adequate amounts of calcium and vitamin D
  5. Maintain a regular and sufficient sleep schedule
  6. Maintain a low-fat, well-balanced diet
  7. Take hormone therapy if needed
  8. Proactively manage menopause and use it as an opportunity to prevent disease and improve long-term health and quality of life.

For more information, please visit IMS website,

In closing, educate yourself about the facts surrounding menopause. Grasp an understanding of what to expect before it arrives and how to manage its course. Consider a healthier lifestyle to maintain your health. Keep things in perspective. Menopause doesn’t just concern a small number of women. In fact, roughly 900 million women throughout the world have gone through menopause. So, don’t let menopause catch you by surprise, it’s important to learn the main facts about menopause.

By arming yourself with solid knowledge and making changes to your current lifestyle, you won’t necessarily just live longer, but you will live a better quality of life.

Start now, you are the CEO of your body, and it’s up to you to manage it in the healthiest of ways.

Good Health to you all!