Introducing Be Your Best You™ Blog

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: August 21, 2019

Announcing Be Your Best You™ Blog – by Karen Giblin

Karen Giblin’s is proud to announce her new blog Be Your Best You™. She hopes you will learn to be savvy, be your best healthcare advocate, and learn how to take care of yourself toBe your best you™. She wants you to feel empowered and live a healthy and happy life.

So, welcome to Be Your Best You™ Blog.

Be Your Best You™ Blog…

Explaining the important qualities that you need in your doctor.

A good doctor should:

– Listen to your problems
– Explain clearly the suggested course of action to help you
– Discuss with you ways to prevent illness
– Develop a total health plan with you and review it regularly
– Be available by phone if necessary
– Be able to talk and work together with you as partners

Be Your Best You™ Blog…

Why participating in a support group at menopause may be beneficial to you:

– It provides education about a variety of pertinent topics about menopause
– Gaining support and understanding from other women about your experience with menopause
– Receiving information about resources to help you navigate menopause
– Providing hope and optimism and good ideas for solving common problems
– A good source for making new friends who you may have much in common with

More Be Your Best You™  Blog will be available to you in the following days ahead.