LOOK WHAT’S HAPPENING: Responsum Health Launches Innovative Menopause Platform to Inform and Empower Women

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: April 13, 2022

New app, developed in partnership with leading medical education provider, supported by an independent educational grant from Astellas.

​[WASHINGTON, D.C., March 23, 2022] —Responsum Health (Responsum), an innovative developer of personalized patient apps and chronic-disease knowledge communities, in partnership with the Academy for Continued Healthcare Learning (ACHL), has created and launched an online connection and knowledge platform for women living with menopausal symptoms https://responsumhealth.com/menopause/

The platform, is available to the public and is free to access via web browser or mobile app.

While nearly all women will go through menopause in some phase of their lives, its symptoms and effects in women’s lives are often underrecognized and undertreated. Hot flashes affect an estimated 80% of women with menopause and generally last 10-15 years. The average age for menopause is between 46-53 years, but hot flashes can start during perimenopause, which usually begins at around 40.

In collaboration with ACHL, and an Expert Advisory Council comprised of women who have experienced menopause, as well as leaders from the menopause medical and advocacy communities (including Karen Giblin, Red Hot Mamas), https://responsumhealth.com/menopause/ provides a digital home for a community that features education resources and content applicable to all women experiencing menopause symptoms.

Responsum Health has designed, developed, and provided a digital platform with daily-updated, expert-vetted, patient-centered content to address identified unmet educational needs of women experiencing menopause.

The platform and its mobile app primarily focus on delivering summarized, understandable content that increases women’s awareness of menopause symptoms and their confidence to speak with their healthcare providers and seek treatment when needed. It serves as a comprehensive resource and informational support tool for those suffering from menopausal symptoms.

This program is supported by an educational grant from Astellas. Responsum is headquartered in Washington, D.C. https://responsumhealth.com/


For more information about Responsum Health, please contact Bridget Greinke at press@responsumhealth.com or you can also visit our website at responsumhealth.com.