It’s Menopause Awareness Month…So Let’s Make it a Positive Experience

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 14, 2017

Contributed by Karen Giblin- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert

Don’t let negative thoughts affect your menopause experience, you can transform those thoughts easily and create a positive experience. Negative thoughts and attitudes can get in our way to feeling good at menopause.  These negative thoughts can also worsen our menopausal symptoms and set us up to becoming more vulnerable to develop illness, such as depression.  Many of these negative thoughts are due to lack of information about menopause or negative myths surrounding menopause. 

So, how do we rid ourselves of negative beliefs and make menopause a more positive experience?  Our suggestion is to take better care of yourself. Educating yourself about menopause is a must.  Incorporating stress-reduction techniques and strategies to manage emotional and physical symptoms is important.  It’s also important to eat healthy and start a regular exercise program.  By becoming physically active, you will prevent weight gain, keep your bones healthy and strong, and ward off depression by the endorphins released through exercise. 

It’s also necessary that you make an appointment with a health care provider who is knowledgeable about menopause.  You can find a certified menopause clinician on The North American Menopause Society’s website,  If your menopause symptoms are causing upheaval in your lives, your health care provider should discuss treatment options.

Support from other women, family and friends can make the transition easier.  So, why not stay connected with others and attend a Red Hot Mamas program or join the Red Hot Mamas community forum on ? Let’s all work to make menopause a positive experience