Menopause: Spreading Awareness Via Content Creation

By: Guest Author

Published: July 10, 2023

Written By Ainsley Lawrence- Guest Contributor

Menopause is a vital topic of conversation that needs more awareness. Historically, women have been seen as less than men, which includes how they are treated in healthcare settings and in the later stages of their lives. So it’s crucial that awareness of women’s health issues like menopause is spread more often to help women feel empowered so they can take control of their health and lead better lives.

There are many ways to spread awareness, but one of the most effective ways to do so today is through social media content. Social media content reaches billions of people around the world every day, making it the ideal platform to educate and raise awareness.

Whether you’re an aspiring content creator or already have a platform but are looking for new ways to reach wider audiences, this article will offer tips to help as you seek to educate, inform, and empower women to learn about menopause.

How to Get Started as a Women’s Health Content Creator

If you’re new to content creation, getting started might seem daunting, but it’s actually quite simple. A content creator is simply anyone who creates material and shares it through any medium or channel, but today this primarily refers to social media outlets. So to become a content creator, all you need is to create a social media account and start making posts.

Once you create an account, you can start playing around with the various features of that platform and study what other users are doing to get familiar with how it all works. From there, you will want to start developing a strategy for your content creation. This includes knowing who your target audience is, what kinds of posts will be most engaging to them, and knowing when, where, and how often to post.

For example, if you are creating TikTok content, you’ll likely want to post videos daily to ensure as many viewers see your content as possible, as TikTok is a very popular platform. Whereas Facebook and Instagram — while still good places to post — are slower paced, and posting is not as urgent, meaning you can do it more sporadically.

If you want to gain a large following for your women’s health content on social media, staying on top of trends is also wise. Creators who take advantage of trends with their posts will get shared and viewed more often, as the algorithm will prioritize these posts. So if your posts aren’t getting the views you’d like, it’s probably because the platform’s algorithm doesn’t think anyone will find your posts that interesting.

It’s also important to have fun and be as engaging as possible with the content you create. While menopause can be a serious topic, users are not as interested in posts that feel like they are just being preached at by a dull teacher in a classroom. Using fun visuals and music in your content, for example, can make your posts more engaging and interesting to watch.

The key to growing a following on social media to ensure your content starts actually reaching people is to never give up. It can take time until your posts start getting viewed and shared. Keep posting consistently, even if it doesn’t seem like anyone is watching because once people do start taking notice, it’s good if you already have a backlog of content for them to go back and scroll through.

Tips for Creating the Best Women’s Health Content to Empower Women

Below are some additional tips to keep in mind when creating your women’s health content.

1. Create Diverse and Inclusive Content

Today’s social media users, especially younger generations, are much more progressive and demanding of inclusive content. As such, when discussing women’s health topics like menopause, it’s important that your content be diverse and inclusive of everyone.

For example, if you are posting about menopause, it’s important that you consider transgender and non-binary representation. In general, it’s a good idea to use more neutral language to include all people that women’s health topics could apply to.

2. Hone Your Video Editing Skills

Video content is most popular today with social media users, especially since the creation of TikTok. So if your video skills are lacking, taking some video editing courses online can help you create more engaging video content.

The more interesting and engaging your videos are, the more your content will get shared and attract new followers. For example, videos that use sound clips and special layover effects, like text or images, are more appealing to users than plain videos that just show you talking.

3. Focus on Healthy Habits

While spreading awareness can include creating content that talks about the negatives of women’s health, it’s better if your content focuses on more positive ideas. Users tend to respond more to content that makes them feel good about themselves, not worse.

For example, social media users love content that teaches them healthier habits, like how to eat better, fun exercise routines, and how to better manage their busy schedules. It’s important to help users understand why these things are important for women, but focusing more on the positives is better than highlighting the negatives.

4. Be Mindful of the Negative Effects of Social Media Content

For all the benefits of social media, there can be just as many downsides if you aren’t careful about how you use it. While it is a powerful tool for spreading awareness, experts have demonstrated that social media can be damaging to mental health if users and creators aren’t careful. For instance, viewing photos portraying unrealistic bodies or oversharing sensitive information online could be detrimental to your well-being.

So when creating your women’s health content about menopause, for example, it’s vital that you are mindful of what you are posting and the language you are using. As a content creator, you have the power to effect change and have a positive influence on others, so long as you are providing valuable information that genuinely seeks to help, not harm.

In Summary

It’s important to uplift women and girls to help them achieve healthier lives — and becoming a women’s health content creator is an excellent way to do so. If you’re struggling with your content, it can help to partner with professional marketing brands to help you develop a better content strategy. You can also simply follow other women’s health content creators to see what they are doing to find what works best to appeal to your target audience.

Author: Ainsley Lawrence is a freelance writer that lives in the Northwest region of the United States. She has a particular interest in covering topics related to good health, balanced life, and better living through technology. When not writing, her free time is spent reading and researching to learn more about her cultural and environmental surroundings. You can follow her on Twitter @AinsleyLawrenc3

The views expressed herein this article, written by a guest contributor, do not necessarily represent those of the Red Hot Mamas organization. The content is for informational purposes and should not substitute the advice of your doctor.