September is Menopause Awareness Month!

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: September 3, 2019

September is Menopause Awareness Month!

Since 1991, Red Hot Mamas organization has paid attention to women and provided them with information to optimize their health at menopause and beyond.  Our mission is help women to take charge of their menopause experience by carefully explaining to women what’s happening before, during and after menopause and to help them make educated decisions as they go through the process of menopause.

Our educational and support resources include:  Red Hot Mamas Menopause Education and Support Programs held in hospitals across the USA which are free to women and their loved ones;, website,  which provides vital information and the lowdown on all the current therapies, medical interventions available for a less than trouble free menopause, as well as information on how to adjust lifestyles through healthful and effective options which can make a positive difference women’s menopausal experiences.  This site features renowned medical experts who answer women’s questions. Women subscribe to our free, monthly e-newsletter “The Menopause Minute”. Since every woman experiences it differently, Red Hot Mamas provides women access through their Red Hot Mamas Community Forum hosted on  which allows women the ability to get in touch with one another and compare notes to discuss their experiences with menopause.  And, Red Hot Mamas values our relationship with The North American Menopause Society, for their ability to provide us with the latest scientific information, rigidly fact checked data, evidence based advice, and a listing of certified menopause clinicians.

So, this September, take control of your menopause! Educate yourself about menopause. This will help you maintain not only optimal health, but also your quality of life!