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3 Incredibly Clueless Questions Women in Menopause Hate

Contributed by Nurse Barb Dehn- Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert Lots of things change as women continue on their journey through mid-life. Some, like increased confidence and less worry about what others think, are fantastic aspects, others like unwanted changes ...

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Dear Red Hot Mamas- March 2015

Menopause Minute

“Winter is on my head, but eternal spring is in my heart”  ~Victor Hugo   Dear Red Hot Mamas, By now we all are looking forward to winter being over.  I personally wish for hot flashes to occur when I’m ...

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Menopause and Sex – A Modern Phenomenon

Contributed by MeLanie Modjoros, MD-  Red Hot Mamas Medical Expert/Sexual Medicine Specialist Regardless of whether today’s woman anticipates her menopausal years with hope or dread, she knows menopause is coming. Biologically, menopause is the end of a woman’s reproductive years-she ...

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NAMS Challenges New York Times Op-Ed

NAMS Challenges New York Times Op-Ed, Nothing Is Wrong With Your Sex Drive. On Friday, February 27, the New York Times published the opinion piece, Nothing Is Wrong With Your Sex Drive, by Emily Nagoski. The NAMS Board of Trustees ...

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Meet Dr. Murray Freedman

Red Hot Mamas® is proud to introduce a new member of our “Ask the Experts” Advisory Board! Dr. Murray Freedman is passionate about women’s health and wellness. Throughout the years he has taught women about what’s happening to them physically ...

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Welcome El Camino Hospital in Mountain View, CA!

El Camino Hospital Joins Red Hot Mamas!

Karen Giblin, Founder of Red Hot Mamas® is pleased to welcome El Camino Hospital! Having a new hospital to help women in their community with the transition all women go through, menopause, is an announcement worth celebrating! In the coming ...

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