Which Health Information Should You Carry With You?

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: June 8, 2021

Written By Karen Giblin- Red Hot Mamas

Most of us carry with us a health insurance card in our wallets.

However, we seldom think about what other information that would be helpful should an emergency arise. And that important information might actually be very helpful in saving your life. After all, no one can predict when an emergency can happen. So, it is best to be prepared. The key is to have all this critical information handy and up-to-date.

You might want to keep it on a separate piece of paper in your wallet; listed on your phone and, of course, at a location in your home where an emergency medical worker could easily get to it.

Some of the things you should have on your list include:

  • Your name, age and sex
  • Your address
  • Phone numbers for personal emergency contacts
  • Phone numbers of your health-care providers contact list (family doctor, etc.)
  • Your medical conditions such as hypertension, diabetes, heart murmur, epilepsy or any others
  • An up-to-date list of your medications including dose and directions
  • Any serious adverse reactions to medications or allergies
  • Blood type

You should also consider storing information online through your health-care providers patient portals. And, keep print copies of your medical records in a handy place.