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Ask the Experts- December 2015

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: December 10, 2015

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

I feel like I sometimes lapse into la-la land due to my forgetfulness and brain fog since menopause. Help! I need some suggestions.

Thank You,


Dear Florence,

Here are some helpful things which may avert those feelings you describe as brain fog:

  • Don’t try to tackle too many things at once that require too much energy and brain power.  Avoid draining your energy especially when you are tired.  Keep things simple and try not to multi-task.
  • Make lists and check them twice.  Write down what you absolutely must do, then prioritize other items.  Lists can help you stay focused.  And, if you can’t do everything on that list, remember that nobody’s perfect.  Avoid perfectionism as that will frustrate you even more.
  • Get enough sleep (at least 7 hours at night).  It’s important for your brain, as well as your body.  If you get enough sleep, you will concentrate better and think more clearly.
  • Watch what you eat.  Avoid caffeine which may make it harder for you to sleep.  Avoid eating an excessive amount of sugar as that can make you feel tired.
  • Keep things in their proper place.  Car keys, eyeglasses and anything you tend to lose.  Put them in the exact place each day.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor if you feel overwhelmed by your brain fog. Hope these items provide some relief to you.
Thank you again for writing to Red Hot Mamas.


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