Dear Red Hot Mamas- March 2018

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: March 7, 2018

“And, in the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years”.

–  Abraham Lincoln

Dear Red Hot Mamas,

By now, we’ve all probably had enough of the cold winter weather and cocooning up at home. I know how easy it is to curl up at home with a good book, or sit in front of my TV and lose myself in a good movie and just isolate myself during the winter. But it sure takes a toll on my social life, as well as my midlife mental health. And, I know many of you may feel the same during these bleak winter months.

So, if you have become less active, feel unmotivated to do things, you might want to try some things to help you feel better.

If these tips don’t help, you may want to talk to your health care provider.

Here are some tips to help you keep your spirits up and stay happy during the winter:

Stay social – Try planning an activity with someone you care about.   Social interaction is important as it reduces stress hormones and increases feel good hormones.

Volunteer – Altruistic activities helps improves happiness and also increases your likelihood of meeting new people.

Get physical – Regular exercise will help reduces stress and improve your sleep. Exercise causes the release of feel good endorphins.

Get out in the sunshine – It can give your spirits a lift and boost your mood.

Open your blinds at home – Increase natural light in home.

Eat well – Watch what you eat and drink. Watch your sugar and carbohydrate intake. Eat small, well balanced meals throughout the day which includes fruits and vegetables to help you keep your energy up.

Go on vacation – It may help you to recharge if you are able to get away especially if it’s at a location that had some much needed sunshine.

And, in closing, remember keep your eyes and focus on the Spring weather that is just ahead. There will be plenty of sunny, bright days ahead.

Good Health to You All,

Karen Giblin