Give your Curves Confidence

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: October 8, 2015

Contributed by Cheryl Brennan- Guest Contributor/ Bra Specialist

 Are you among the 80% of women wearing the wrong size bra? Wearing the right size and style of bra not only provides comfort and confidence to women, but also promotes breast health.  As an Essential Bodywear’s bra fit Specialist I provide you with the help you need to decide on the right fit you need to add wonders to your figure.

Here are some Quick tips to help you figure out if the bra you are currently wearing is the right size for you.

1.  The band of your bra should always fit snug around you. If you can put more than 2 fingers between the band and your back the size is too big. FYI that is the number portion of the bra size.

2.  When you purchase your bra you should always wear it on the hook that is farthest out.If the bra you are wearing is on the tightest hook right out of the box it is at least 1 size too large. That way as you wear the bra you will get longer use by making it tighter over time.

3.  Your band should not be riding up your back so that you need to keep pulling it down (YOUR BAND IS TOO BIG).

4.  Do your straps fall off. If they do did you try to adjust the length of them ( I know that seems obvious ) if you have not try making the length smaller.

5.  Ok now this is the part we all cringe over THE CUP  size… if you answered yes to any of the questions about the band and you are wearing a bra that the band is too big guess what ladies when the number gets smaller the cup (letter ) is going to go up.

6.  If you are bulging out of the top of your bra and look almost like you have more than you should the CUP is too Small.

I know what you are all thinking  ” I have always worn a size ___ fill in the blank ” but if you answered Yes to any of the questions above it is time to go for good bra fitting.  As women we are always very conscious of those darn Numbers on our Clothes, on the scale, and calories of our food. As we go thru this next journey of our lives that is known as Menopause our bodies change in ways we wish it wouldn’t. So instead of avoiding the topic face it head on. Let’s face it our figures change and it is more important than ever to make sure we look our best because when we look our best we feel our best.

I am asking you not to  worry about the size on the bra because no one is ever going to come up to you and say let me see the tag and nothing feels better than looking your best and the key to that is the right fitting undergarments and NO ONE ever needs to know what the label says!

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