If Your Back Goes Out More Than You Do – The Risks Associated with Your Fashion Choice – High Heels and Shoulder Bags

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: March 20, 2023

Written by Karen Giblin

I certainly am not a fashion expert, but I know that some of my fashion choices have caused a lot of pain problems in my back. And I must rethink whether or not I want to continue to wear the things I have worn in the past.

Let’s look at a few things that may cause us to have back pain:

High Heels

Since I am relatively short 5’5”, throughout the years I have relied on stylish shoes that add some height to my stature. I’ve made use of shoes that have wedges, clogs, pumps and high heels. I have never been able to wear those stylish stilettos but I have always envied women who could as their legs look fabulous!

At some point in our lives, we seem to have to make adjustments to our fashion so avoid back problems. Certainly, walking in high heels is one of those things. High heels look great, however, they change our stance. Our Achilles tendons, located in the back of our calves, become shorter and tighter. And if we wear high heels for too long, they can even shorten our tendons permanently. So, when you finally try to put on flat shoes, our tends are forced to stretch and it oftentimes leads to pain.

High heels also cause our lower back to curve forward.  That curve in our lower back puts pressure on the nerves of our lower back. It is best when choosing beautiful shoes to not choose four inch stilettos but to consider wearing perhaps a two inch heel. But, if you must wear a stiletto , its best to save them for that special occasion and not wear them all day. Hopefully, this will save you from developing back problems.

Shoulder Bags

Like many of us, I have always preferred to wear a shoulder bag. Sometimes, this has led to back pain. Yes, shoulder bags are good if you want that hands free feeling, but it disperses uneven weight on our spine. And, if you are like me, my bag is relatively heavy, and I always wear my back on the same shoulder. This can lead to muscle pain. So, it’s best to alternate shoulders, lighten your handbag load, and even consider wearing a cross body bag. This may help to put less strain on your back.

Knowing some of the triggers of back pain may prevent it from happening again.