The Connection Between Home Upgrades and Wellness

By: Guest Author

Published: September 6, 2019

Written by Brooke Faulkner- Guest Contributor

As many women know, menopause is just the beginning of the many life changes that occur during aging, and it opens up a lot of doors full of questions related to getting older. Meanwhile, there are plenty of other changes that are also taking place. These changes can mean a variety of different health concerns that may have never crossed your mind in your younger years.
One question that may arise is how to adapt to changes in our mobility and life preferences as we become older. In turn, this could spark questions about the benefits of renovating your forever home to meet these needs. There is perhaps no other season of life where it makes more sense to pursue home upgrades. These upgrades can be a game-changer in keeping your home comfortable.
Not only can home upgrades reduce potential mobility concerns, they can also have a substantial benefit to your long-term wellness. One recent study found that women are more likely to retire early. This disengagement can contribute to rapid health declines, but these can fortunately be combated by projects, time investments, and activities.  

Where to Start

For many women looking to start home renovations, the biggest question may be where the best place to begin actually is. With all of the changes you want to make, you might think that it will be easier to just pack up and move. But you have a lot of memories in your home that would be difficult to say goodbye to, and it is a lot cheaper to stay in place.
It can certainly seem like there is a lot that needs done to ready your home for the next stage of your life. Perhaps the best place to start though, is either in the kitchen or bathroom. These are the two rooms that often need the most work as they can offer the most substantial challenges to staying in a home well into your senior years.
Most experts suggest starting these projects in the summer, when it is easier to do things such as eat outside and open windows for better ventilation. You may install things such as railings or a shower bench in your bathroom, while your kitchen could be updated by making everything you use regularly more accessible. The majority of well-planned projects can take less than a couple weeks and leave you feeling more organized and prepared for whatever life throws at you.

Promote Wellness

Hearing that wellness is an important part of aging probably isn’t much of a surprise at this point. However, learning that home renovations can improve your wellness may make you slightly skeptical. Wellness involves far more than just physical considerations; in fact, it also encompasses the social, intellectual, spiritual, occupational, and emotional realms as well.
The process of renovating a home is a big project in and of itself, which will keep you busy and invested for its duration. But before the project ever begins you will likely be busy decluttering and clearing space for the really important things. Going through things and determining what is really important to keep can seem like a major task, but it can actually help to reduce clutter-induced stress.
Additionally, after the renovation is completed, it will be a great deal of fun to show off the finished product. With all of the remodels, hosting will also be easier than ever because your home will be able to more easily accomodate all of your friends and family. Having the time to host children, grandchildren, and lifelong friends can be the best part of getting older.

Make It Happen

Home renovations are becoming more popular than ever. It is partially because most homes lack important design features that make them more livable for those that are interested in staying in their homes and aging in place. This is part of the reason so many older people choose to downsize and move into senior living communities.
If you are invested in completing home renovations and have determined which updates are going to be right for you, the next step is making it all happen. For many, this involves hiring a contractor who can help you quickly and effectively meet all of your goals. This is will likely take the difficulty and stress out of figuring out exactly how to do everything yourself.
You may need to consider taking out a home improvement loanin order to complete everything. Fortunately, the majority of accessibility renovations can be completed for less than $10,000. Of course, this price is likely to increase if you are also incorporating all of the additional designs and changes you have been eyeing on Pinterest for some time now.
Adapting to the next stage in life can seem daunting, but keeping a positive attitude and remaining informed can help a great deal. As you begin to think about aging, consider the renovations that will be necessary within your home. Completing renovation projects can greatly improve long-term accessibility and promote your wellness. Good luck!
Author Bio: Brooke Faulkner is a mother of two and animal lover from Portland, Oregon.

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