With Menopause, Your Sex Life is Over, or is it?

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: May 12, 2016

Contributed by James Smith- Guest Contributor

Experts often hold on to the claim that a woman’s sex life is doomed post menopause. Well, the reality is that this claim is horribly wrong, and the sooner you as a woman are in, or approaching menopause stop believing in this nonsense, the sooner you will realize that it’s actually quite the opposite. Yes, menopause can in fact redefine your entire sex life. There’s a reason why Samantha Jones from SATC was probably the most loved out of the four glamorous ladies. Lusting with desire already? Keep reading!

The flame reignites

Menopause is a defining moment in the lives of most women; not only are their bodies changing, but their outlook towards life too takes a dramatic turn. And I say this for the better – of their sexual life at least. Because, a lot of women come to the realization that they’ve ignored their sexuality for a bit too long in the midst of all of life’s other distractions, and if they don’t use it now, they’ll lose it for good. So yes, not only do postmenopausal women have fewer things to worry about, but they also tend to be less inhibited and execute more control over their sexual desires. In fact, for the same reasons, postmenopausal women tend to be a lot more experimental with their sex lives and willing to try ‘different’ stuff. Looks like it’s time to read Fifty Shades Of Grey all over again!

No more buns baking in that oven

While a number of women will still agree that sex past the forties can still be more than a joyride, but hey, here’s a reality check: you’re most likely still packing lunch boxes, cleaning noses, managing a career, and more importantly, probably still trying to avoid yet another pregnancy. Damn it! Well, what menopause does to you is that it liberates you of the anxiety you harbor to avoid getting pregnant at a time when you may not want to. No birth control pills, diaphragms, no sanitary napkins, no tampons, and no condoms either – unless you like the flavor in your mouth of course. That just means ‘a whole lotta crazy sex anywhere, anytime ya know.’ Think about it!

No more awkward intrusions

Okay, you’ve probably had a handful of those when you were a bit younger and your kids even more. But guess what? By the time you hit menopause – and after, you’re most likely not the soccer mom that you used to be; your kids are grown up and more independent now. Not only do you and your significant other have more time to spend with one another, but your private moments too are less likely to be subject to a coitus interruptus… urrr that sounds too legal! Essentially that means that there won’t be any awkward interruptions and premature withdrawals during intercourse.

More sex please

While most woman’s health specialists will tell you that you wouldn’t want to have sex due to the declining levels of hormones in your body post menopause, this wouldn’t necessarily be the case either. In fact, the flames of sexual desires once doused with the waters of contraceptives will resurface once you’re off of them. You’re more likely to end up craving for a lot more sex than actually losing the urge to get down to some sweaty business. And while hormone replacement therapy is still under a peculiar spotlight, the extra hormone supplements can help augment your sexual desires.

Bring on the lubes

One of the tragedies of postmenopausal feminine anatomy is the vaginal dryness that follows the hormonal changes. So that means dry and uncomfortable sex, or does it? While the vaginal dryness is inevitable, it can very well serve as a reason for you to discover and experiment with new enjoyable sexual experiences – using lubes of all sorts. When it comes to sex, friction is bad, and lubrication is good; and as a woman in menopause, who would know better. There’s only so much to do with a good lube to spice up your sex life after it gets a bit dry down under. So take a walk down the adult’s aisle the next time you visit the grocery store

Less stress

While the hot flashes and mood swings would probably give you a reason too many to be driven to the brink of a breakdown due to anxiety, the reality is that by the time you hit menopause, not only do you have to worry less about your kids, but you’ve probably stabilized your career and your financial position too, unless you’ve got some serious issues of course. What I’m trying to say is anxiety isn’t really a problem as you’ve probably sailed through your midlife crises already. And while you can still opt for conventionalism while trying to cope with stress, so good careless, carefree, uninhibited, well-lubricated, postmenopausal sex can be just the perfect stress buster.

P.s: did you ever realize that younger men find well-kept postmenopausal women even more attractive? Yes, Samantha Jones!

James Smith is a passionate Health and Lifestyle blogger who loves to write about trending topics. He is a featured author at various fashion blogs.