Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts- March 2015

By: Red Hot Mamas

Published: March 9, 2015

Dear Red Hot Mamas Experts,

I believe I am in the perimenopause.  My question is that when my periods were regular I always got migraine headaches.  When I reach menopause will they continue?

Thanks for your help.


Dear Maureen,

Migraines are associated with hormonal upheavals, so when your hormones are fluctuating during the perimenopause, its not unusual for them to actually intensify.

Fortunately, after menopause, women’s migraines may taper off.  You  should discussion your migraines with your doctor.  And, immediately call your doctor if your headache is severe, or if you experience vomiting, fever or if your headache causes confusion. Also, watch what you eat as certain foods can trigger headaches, such as: (MSG) Monosodium glutamate; meat tenderizers; aged, canned or cured meat and even alcohol, especially red wine.

Hope this is of some help to you.

RHM’s Experts